Garden growing at a snail’s pace this winter? You’re not alone! With spring right around the corner, now’s the time to get back in the garden as we get ready for our boom months. Here are a few jobs that should keep you busy in the lead up to our favourite season.

Garden Care

Due to our subtropical climate, Brisbane will usually experience its drier months throughout winter. This means, to keep your garden in good health, you’ll need to commit to watering those particularly sensitive plants a little more.


Now is also a great time to do a bit of general garden maintenance. Grab your gardening gloves and a trusty set of pruners and start cutting back any dead or overgrown stuff to make sure you’re off to the best possible start to spring. Getting rid of any dead or infected plants and leaves will also benefit in the long run, giving your other existing plants the best possible chance to thrive.


Mulching in late winter is a great project to keep your garden in great health and give it a much-needed freshen up in the looks department! As we start to see a little more warmth and longer days creep in, our plants will become a bit more active. If you’re committed to watering, a bit of fertiliser here and there won’t go astray. A key thing to look out for are pests - monitor for telltale signs on your leaves and branches and get on top of it early.


Lawn Care

After a couple of weeks of kicking your feet up as your lawn slowly grows over winter, you’ll want to make sure you’re spending a couple of hours on the weekend getting your lawn in great condition for spring. Again, you’ll want to make sure you’re giving your lawn good water and plenty of light to make sure it comes out of a cool, dry winter looking great. Raking leaves off the lawn and trimming back any overhanging plants or trees are also going to give your lawn a much-needed boost. Aerating and taking care of weeds during this time are also great projects and will help make sure you’ve got the best lawn on the street come spring.

What to Plant?

If you’re looking to make a start, or are thinking about adding, to your veggie garden this time of year think about the perfect burger - lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber are all great starters and relatively quick bloomers. Looking for a long-term grower? You can’t go past either watermelon or rockmelon which, if planted now, will be ready for eating by the end of the year. If you want to get some colour in your garden, we recommend looking at a couple of classics. Azaleas are an absolute Brisbane staple, Bougainvillea is another great, hearty choice, and, of course, your Jasmine varieties will bring a nostalgic scent of spring right to your doorstep.


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