A Guide to Landscaping with Gravel, Pebbles, and Rocks

When it comes to landscaping with gravel and stone, Bulka Bag Man offers a wide range of sizes and colours, allowing you to achieve a polished and professional look that suits your unique vision. We provide options starting from 5mm up to 70mm in size, with popular choices ranging from 20mm to 70mm.

But how exactly do gravel and pebbles help transform your outdoor space? Let's explore the best ideas for landscaping with gravel to help you create a visually appealing and functional outdoor space.


Functional or Decorative Gravel?

Before you start, consider whether the area will serve a functional or decorative purpose. This decision will influence the size of the stones you choose. Larger gravel pebbles are ideal for decorative non-traffic purposes, whereas smaller-sized stones are more suitable for stable and functional areas like paths and driveways. Understanding how you'll use gravel and stone will help you narrow down an appropriate product for the job.

Additionally, gravel is an excellent option around buildings as it deters white ants, which can cause substantial damage to the timber structures around your property. It also spreads easily, is versatile and affordable, and can be used for large to small landscaping projects.


Give Your Property a Total Makeover

Landscaping with gravel is a swift, efficient way to revamp or improve your garden. Whether you're after a Mediterranean look paired with stones and succulents or a pleasing feature around a water fountain, using gravel in your landscaping project is a surefire way to enhance your outdoor space. Use it to replace lawns that have patchy growth, enhance colour contrast around water features, or divide patios and garden beds. Whatever its use, gravel is a reliable and durable material that requires little maintenance.


Reap the Benefits

Total Revamp = Reduced Maintenance

Using gravel in landscaping helps reduce ongoing maintenance in several ways, including:

  • Suppresses weed growth
  • Zero decomposition
  • Aids in water drainage
  • Aids in erosion control
  • A durable substance
  • Pest reduction

Adds Visual Highlights

Utilising gravel in your landscaping project can significantly enhance curb appeal by adding texture, colour and visual interest to your outdoor space. It not only lends a natural, rustic beauty, but excellently complements various aspects such as plants, trees, and outdoor structures.

Additionally, gravel is available in a wide range of types and colours, allowing homeowners to customise their landscape based on their personal aesthetics and property area.

Cover Up any Nooks or Crannies

Think of gravel landscaping as a blank canvas to inspire you! Nooks and crannies in your garden are normally hard to pave, but you can effectively cover them in interesting patterns and layouts using gravel. You can also mix diverse types and colours for a striped or checkerboard effect.

Remember to contain such areas in a framework, whether metal, concrete, brick, or wood, so you don't disturb or scatter the pattern.

Tips for Using Gravel and Rocks to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

When it comes to using rocks and pebbles for landscaping, the possibilities are endless. Here are some ideas to help inspire you:

Combine Gravel, Plants, and Lighting

Another great idea is to combine gravel with different perennial plants and ornamental grasses for a more natural look. Think of colour and contrast when you make your selection. Remember that complementary colours create a pleasing palette in your garden, especially when accented with gravel features.

Pebbled areas will still be visible and enhance your plot all year round, even when the flowers are not in bloom. Add grasses to increase textures that last all year.

Gravel landscaping provides a perfect opportunity to accent your garden with outdoor lighting at night. Consider illuminating selected sections to create a welcoming ambience. Uplights can brighten up gravel pathways, while you can place low-level spotlights among the plants within pebbled features to form a pattern.

Create a Functional Pathway

Gravel is an excellent material for pathways and walkways. It is durable, easy to maintain, and provides good traction in all weather conditions. Plus, it's affordable, making a functional and appealing pathway that looks a million bucks.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens, inspired by their Japanese counterparts, can add a captivating Zen feel to your outdoor space. The rocks serve as the primary attraction, while plants and grass play a secondary role. Just remember to incorporate different-sized pebbles for a more impressive impact.

Water Feature Accompaniment

If you have a water feature in your garden, such as a pond or water fountain, adding rocks can enhance its natural aesthetic. The rocks combine with the water to create a comforting, serene effect.


Using rocks or gravel to create borders around your plants, pathways or lawn can give your outdoor space a clean and neat appearance. They not only serve a practical role in preventing grass from spreading into your flower beds and vegetable gardens but also add a decorative touch to your property's landscape.


Applying Gravel

Need help laying down the gravel? Follow these steps.

1. Measure the area

Measure the area where you want to apply the gravel and calculate how much you will need. This will help you avoid overspending or underspending.

2. Clear the Area

Before you start laying gravel, ensure you have cleared the area of any debris, weeds, or old plants. You may need to also level the area.

3. Apply Landscape Fabric

To prevent weeds from growing through your gravel, it's advisable to lay down a layer of landscape fabric. Make sure to overlap each piece by at least 15 cm to prevent weed growth in the gaps.

4. Pour and Spread

Use a rake to spread the gravel evenly across your space.


Buy Rocks for Landscaping From Bulka Bag Man

There you have it. Now you know how to use gravel to elevate your outdoor space.

If you're after quality gravel for your next landscaping project, Bulka Bag Man has you covered. Our versatile selection ensures we have a suitable product for any project. Whether landscaping for functionality or decoration, our gravel and stone products are sure to transform your space. Order yours online today, or visit our contact page to speak with one of our experts.