Bulkbag 1T Duffle Top - Empty bag only

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these bags are versatile and hold up for long periods of use - so if you can't get your project done all in one day - no stress!

Bulk bags are known by several other names, including super sacks, big bags, totes and flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs).

Made of flexible material, typically strands of polypropylene (PP)and woven into a durable PP mesh fabric, these bags are versatile and hold up for long periods of use.

They're perfect for storing and transporting large quantities of goods.

These are a duffle top, flat bottom "Single trip use" bulka bag. They are rated for one fill and one discharge only.

They can be lifted multiple times for the one fill. E.g. from filling point to pallet, onto the truck for delivery, off the truck at destination, to final discharge point.

Once you have emptied your bulka bag there are lots of ways to re use them; here are some suggestions

  • Compost: Bulka bags would make instant compost heaps!
  • Raised beds: Bulka bags are the perfect size for raised beds.
  • Garden waste.
    • Leaf mould.
    • Get rid of weeds: as a possible alternative to weed mat; Cut into strips and lay on the ground before topping with gravel or wood chips.
  • Protect your furniture.
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More Information dimensions are 90x90x120cm

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