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Mineral Underturf in Bulka Bag 1/2 Tonne

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A mineral-based underturf with added organic matter ideal for laying turf in wet conditions.

Mineral Underturf Blend has been designed for better workability in wet weather or on wet sites; this product works well all year round.

Being mineral-based rather than a soil-based product, there is no nut grass or weeds when the product is delivered.

VERY easy to spread, does not over compact / set hard.

Even if it is driven over, it will bounce back with minimal raking required.

As with all turf when first laid, ensure adequate watering for the first 2 weeks during the establishment period.

Best For 

  • New lawn under turf prep 
  • Filling small holes/Divots in existing yards

Not recommended for

  • Top Dressing existing lawns
  • Garden Beds (including raised beds and planter boxes)
  • Filling large holes (Inground pool holes. Use Drainage gravel then top with soil)
  • Children’s play pits
More Information
More Information Mineral Underturf weighs 1:1 - 1 Tonne is 1 Cubic Metre

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