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Lawn Topdress in Bulka Bag 1 Tonne

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High Quality washed sand with pelletized fertilizer added for encouraging new growth in existing lawns


If it's Time to top-dress your lawn then this the product to consider

Apply Lawn Topdress thinly over the turf (apprx 10mm) to help boost growth and volume, ensuring to water in well once spread

pH 6.0 - 7.5

A perfectly balanced blend of the finest washed sands and pelletized fertilizer.

Easily penetrates down to the roots to give a beautiful even grass surface.

Perfect to finish off a lawn renovation.

Suitable for cylinder mowers as it’s a fine sand and the small fertilizer pellets dissolve quickly.

Being sand based, it is also weed and nut grass free.

Best For 

  • Topdressing Existing Lawns
  • Repairing worn areas in your lawn  

Not Recommended for

  • Garden Beds (including raised beds and planter boxes)
  • Filling large holes (Inground pool holes. Use Drainage gravel then top with soil)
  • Children’s play pits
  • Under turf prep
More Information
More Information

Lawn Topdress weighs 1.2 Tonne per Cubic Metre

Starting Point for TopDressing your turf

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